Eggs meets West


Smoked salmon served on a falafel hash with sautéed
spinach and mushroom, two poached eggs, topped with
a tahini sauce.

Smashed Avocado


Avocado smash on sourdough with two poached eggs,
feta and citrus

Spanish Omlette


An open omlette with smoked chorizo, potato, red
onion and tomato finished with spanish spices

The Big1 @ B2


Bacon, chorizo, slow roasted balsamic infused tomato,
sautéed spinach and mushrooms and eggs your way on

Eggs Your Way


Get yours poached, fried or scrambled

Pete’s Eggs Bennie


Two poached eggs with house pulled pork topped off
with hollandaise served with your choice of bread

Ricotta Pancakes


Topped with homemade chocolate sauce, berries and
ice cream with maple syrup
Ready to go

Breakfast wrap


Egg bacon muffins


Spinach and ricotta


Sausage rolls


Quiche Lorraine


– B E V E R A G E S  –
Hot Chocs and Ground Pleasures @ B2

• Dark Chocolate

• Orange Infused

• Vanilla

• French Mint

• Chilli Chocolate

Smoothies @ B2

• Berry Bang Bang

• Green Delight

• Coffee Caramalt

Iced Coffee @ B2 
  • If you can have it hot, you can have it cold. Try yours with a dash of Monin Syrup.
– Mains  –

Eggplant parmigiana


Roast salmon caprese


Chicken pizzaiola


– Pasta  –

Prawn ling vine


Spicy sausage risotto


Spaghetti alla Norma


Lamb ravioli


 – Email us to tailor a more personalised package. All platters are free delivery. –

Popular Platters

Mixed Sandwich Platter


Platter of mixed point sandwiches made fresh daily (serves approx. 6)

Fresh fruit platter


A delicious mix of sliced seasonal fruit (serves approx. 10)

Mixed Focaccia's Platter


Mix of popular focaccia's made for your order on the day (serves approx. 10)

Mixed Wraps Platter


A mix of freshly made wraps made for your order (serves approx. 10)

Hot Food Platter


Assorted mix of arancini, samosas, spring rolls and party pies (serves approx. 10)

Sushi Platter


Bite size portions of popular mix of chicken, salmon and tuna sushi (serves approx. 10)

Salad Bowl


Caesar, lite broccoli and radish, roast veg, greek, barley broccoli options (serves approx. 10)

Savoury Croissants


Ham and cheese filled croissants lightly toasted (serves approx. 10)

Savoury muffins


Freshly made egg and bacon muffins (serves approx. 12)



Ham and cheese toasties on white or sourdough (serves approx. 10)

Bacon & Egg Roll


For something a little more substantial (serves approx. 10)

Museli Cup

Apple soaked muesli served with strawberries and coconut

Chia Pudding Cup

Chia cup served with berries

Yoghurt Cup

Our yogurt served with muesli, either plain or with passionfruit or mixed berries
Morning/Afternoon Tea

Sweet platter


Cut into bite sizes, slices/donuts/danishes/muffins/tarts (serves approx. 10)

Scones made in house


Home made scones served with fresh cream and raspberry preserve (serves approx. 8)



A mix of delicious cupcakes (serves approx. 12)



Assortment jam, nutella and custard donuts (serves approx. 12)



Custard filled almond croissants (serves approx. 12)

Bowl of Chips

Crispy coated hot chips served with sauce

Homemade Lasagne

A tray of hot homemade lasagne

Beef Burger

Homemade and served with a side of fries

Pulled Pork Burger

Homemade and served with a side of fries

Chicken Burger

Homemade and served with a side of fries

Salt 'N' Pepper Calamari

Served with a side of fries

Chicken Skewers

Served on a bed of salad

Beef Skewers

Served on a bed of salad

Prawn Skewers

Served on a bed of salad

Fish 'N' Chips

Catch of the day served with chips

Roast Potatoes

Buttery roast potatoes, as a great side

Butter Chicken

Homemade and served with rice

Beef Vindaloo

Homemade and served with rice

Moroccan Lamb

Homemade and served with rice

Healthy Grilled Chicken

Two pieces of chicken served with a side salad
– C A N A P E S –


Kingfish sashimi, citrus gel, fresh coconut, coriander sprouts (GF)

Corn Cakes

Ocean trout corn cake, dill horseradish cream


Duck liver parfait, candied onion tart

Ras Al Hanout Lamb

Ras al hanout lamb , mint pea fritter, pomegranate labneh

Kimchi Bao

Twice cooked pork belly, kimchi bao

Cornichon Fritter

Crab, corn & cornichon fritter, pickled tomato

Yakitori Chicken

Yakitori chicken, chilli miso glaze, bonito crumb

Brioche Rolls

Slow-cooked brisket brioche rolls, pickled cabbage slaw and

Semolina Cake

Savoury semolina cake with nduja, mozzarella and tomato crumb

Mushroom & Cheese Pastries

Gathered mushroom and goats cheese pastries

Confit Tomato

Confit tomato, smoked ricotta, black olive crumb

Prawn Slider

Charred king prawn slider, corn and coriander relish

Rare Beef Sandwich

Peppered rare beef sandwich house gherkin piccalili

Brioche Croutes

Brioche croutes with pumpkin sage mousse truffle salt

Wagyu Beef Skewer

Wagyu beef skewer chimichurri sauce GF

Rice Balls

Mushroom and taleggio rice ball, sage aioli

Seared Scallops

Seared Harvey bay scallops, chorizo dust GF

Crispy Pork Taco

Crispy pork taco, fragrant Asian herbs, shallot & peanut garnish

Salmon Croquette

Wood smoked salmon croquette, dill caper aioli

Bean and Ricotta Fritter

Broad bean, mint and ricotta fritter, tahini yoghurt