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Chef Selection

Focaccia Platter Special

Assortment of our made daily focaccias
$8.00 (per head)

Sandwich Platter

One and a half sandwiches per person made fresh daily
$8.50 (per head)

Fruit Platter

An assortment of fresh fruits
$5.50 (per head)

Asian Hot Platter

Spring rolls, won tons, samosas and pan fried gyoza
$7.90 (per head)


Deli Rolls

Assortment of salmon and cream cheese or mushroom pesto and fetta or bacon eggplant and cheese
Chef Selection

Egg & Bacon Muffins

Muffin filled with egg, bacon and cheese

Quiche Lorraine

Egg and bacon filled quiche

Home Made Sausage Rolls

Comes with chips


Chef Selection

Cheese Platter

Four cheeses served with dried fruit, crackers and quince
$8.00 (per head)

Aussie Hot Platter

Mix of home made sausage rolls, party pies and mini hot dogs. Un-mixed trays availbale if requested
$7.90 (per head)

wrap platter

Mix of ham or chicken with salad or ceasar wrap
$9.50 (per head)

sushi platter

Mix of teriyaki chicken, smoked salmon and tuna sushi cut in to bite size pieces. 6 pieces per person
$7.50 (per head)


fresh muffins

Mix of blueberry and white chocolate, apple cinnamon, double chocolate and mixed berries
$5.00 (per head)

mini treats

Fruit danishes or almond croissants as well as berry filled muffins
$5.00 (per head)

assortment of sweet treats

Combination of hedgehog, caramel and lemon slice, tarts, muffins and canolis


Freshly made and served with cream and strawberry coulie
$3.50 (per head)

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