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Looking for a Port Melbourne Café? Visit B2 Café

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Looking for a Port Melbourne Café? Visit B2 Café

Melbourne has become a global hotspot for coffee lovers. Such is the fame of the coffee available here, that “Melbourne Cafe” has almost become a genre in itself similar to the French Bistro or an Irish Pub.

But what has made Port Melbourne café so famous worldwide? A combination of several factors including the influence of Italian immigrants to discerning customers who know their coffee, has made Melbourne cafes a global name.

If you want to experience this wonderful cafe experience, one of the best Port Melbourne café to check out is the B2 Café.

The B2 Café

The B2 Café is located off Plummer Street, right in the middle of a busy office area with a lot of activities going around. You can soak in the ambience while you relax and enjoy your food and coffee at this quaint little café. Our cafe is easily accessible and gives you a good insight into the café culture that Melbourne is famous for.

An Extensive Menu that Keeps Changing

The B2 Café offers an excellent menu that keeps changing from time to time.

We put in our best effort to offer customers a wide range of delectable fare including delicious, freshly made salads and a great sandwich bar.

And of course, the coffee is just awesome; one of the best you will find among Port Melbourne café.

We open early in the morning at 6 AM and serve all-day breakfast with a focus on great coffee accompanied by delicious sandwiches, salads and other light meals that make us one of the best Port Melbourne cafe.

The Service

We are known among Port Melbourne café lovers for our excellent service and staff. We are well-staffed with professionals who know their job well and we go out of our way to bring a smile to each customer’s face.

Additional Services

The B2 Café offers takeaway services if you want a quick breakfast on the go. Our cafe is also wheelchair accessible, offers wine and beer and features an outdoor seating arrangement, a separate smoking area and wi-fi connectivity.

The menu also has options for vegetarians and those who want gluten-free food.


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